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That’s one of the most frequently asked questions concerning our store in Lichtenstein-Holzelfingen.

A clear “no”.

We can’t offer the whole disana assortment cheaper all the time. Therefore, we don’t have enough goods, even though our production is around the corner. About 30% of our articles are reduced. Some of them very evident. First quality items have a regular price.

We’re still producing all of our disana articles by ourselves. Where there's work, occasional mistakes may be made. Small mistakes, that don’t affect wear properties or durability of an article. It can be a little mistake with the knit fabric, a stain or an unperfect covert bar seam. Our quality control is extremely strict in this case. These articles will be second quality items in our store.

In addition, we offer styles and colors from former seasons, exhibition samples or items from our sampling department as second quality articles.


And first quality items?

We deliver our goods to over 900 retailers in about 25 countries worldwide. They shall sell our articles at a harmonized worldwide non-binding minimum price. According to our retailers, this price is lower than the limit which is economically viable. And costs for the store, dispatch, staff, electricity, heating and thousand things more have to be added to the value of goods and shipping costs. That’s why most of the retailers sell our products at higher prices than this minimum price. We also have costs with the sale and we don’t want to compete with other retailers in the surrounding area.

A clear „No“!

The prices are the same as last year. Northing changed!

No again. Earlier we have produced 25.000 overalls per year, this year there will be about 80.000 boiled wool overalls. Of course, when producing more, there will be more articles with small defects. Although we work very hard to avoid mistakes in our production, we have more 2nd quality items than ever before.

But what have increased is the number of visitors in our store. Last year in October we had days with more than 700 visitors. All of them were searching cheap offers. And that’s why our second quality items have been sold in a very short time.

We have to make a different production plan to be able to produce such a high number of articles. An article has been produced every 14 days in the past. Today we produce only 3 articles in four colors for weeks. That causes the fact that your desired color is not available as 2nd quality because it hasn’t been produced for a while. But maybe you like another color which is available?

It’s an open secret that a lot of brands produce an extra lower quality for their outlets to sell their articles cheaper.

To produce worse quality items to sell them cheaper take issue with our company’s philosophy. We don’t want to knit thinner fabrics, make seams weaker or forego useful details only to offer good deals. Is it really a good deal when your article breaks after a short time?  

Furthermore, such articles always have their prices. Maybe not for those who buy them but mostly for them who don’t have enough in general. For the seamstresses in Bangladesh, for the dyer in India, for the warehouse worker in Laos or for the cotton farmer in Turkey. One is always paying if another can buy it too cheap. So please ask yourself: are these the clothes your child should wear?

Yes of course! We offer more than 30 different brands of baby and kids clothing and accessories, toys, hosiery and underwear. Many of them with reduced prices. A wonderful advice and an amazing shopping atmosphere are even for free!

And we offer things that can’t be bought anywhere else like our popular boiled wool fabric as yard goods. Or original accessories like cuffs, buttons and zippers for crafting and repairing.

We have created a world of experience with about 400 sm retail space and a 1000 sm outdoor area. Soon we will have a coffee bar, a playground, a petting zoo and more to come…

Sightseeing highlights of the Swabian Alb like the castle Schloss Lichtenstein, the grotto Bärenhöhle and the grotto Nebelhöhle or the biosphere region Swabian Alb are not far away from our store. Worth seeing and exploring are also the cathedral Zwiefalter Münster, the punting boats on the Tübinger Neckar or the water cave Wimsener Höhle.

And for certain you will find more than one good deal.

Whew, good question. In any case we’ve a store where you can buy wonderful, high quality, healthy and modern clothes for your child.

We set great store by presenting our articles appealing and full of ideas. We want to advice you very kind. We want to convert your short visit to a shopping experience. We want to make sure that your children feel comfortable and safe in our kids’ corner. We endeavor that also the persons who accompany you don’t feel bored.

We want you to always discover something new and endeavor to present you newest trends, fashionable, classic, useful and nice clothes and more.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how you call us – we call it our “disana S T O R E”.






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