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Organically – disana

Nappies and more…

disana’s nappy system which we will show and explain to you. We reply to your questions, provide hints and give advice to you concerning the compilation of items which you need for the start.  


Care and wash

Wool shampoo, lanoline conditioner, gall soap

Everything that you need for the care of your woolen clothes.


Nursing and sleeping

Soft and warm woolen blankets and sleeping bags.



The heart of our store. Therefore, we built a small house into the house. All colors and all articles of disana’s outerwear find its place in there.  

Try, feel, combine …

That the clothes fit well and please. That the clothes keep warm but doesn’t limit to discover the world.

Items with small defects…


Mistakes can happen – sometimes more, sometimes less. Less is better for us because we’re processing valuable raw materials. Our production is located around the corner very deliberately. Well said, it’s located down in the valley, in Unterhausen and not far away, somewhere in the world. Every day we’re standing between machines and employees and don’t fly around the globe to check if everything’s ok. We can react quickly if something’s going wrong.

And if something’s going wrong despite greatest care, you can find those items in our store, as second quality articles with a lower price.

You can recognize them because of the red little flag and the special price sticker. These items can be repaired with skilled hands or just be worn with these little defects or stains.

That’s our interpretation of sustainability and our own way of “Fair Trade”. We produce clothes out of special wool, preferably without stains, holes, deep cuts our something else that causes a second quality article.


Styles from older collections…

Even if we’re no fans of fast fashion but sometimes our colors and styles in collection change. Then you can buy real bargains because these items don’t have any defects.


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