Sustainability at disana

We like the following statement of an unknown author:

“With sustainability it’s like with moral. It’s much better to live it, as only to talk about it.”

For us it is also difficult to hold forth about the topic sustainability. Today companies are judged from public about their willingness to campaign ecologically and socially. We from disana don’t take it as an obligation which comes from outside to e.g. improve our brand image or as a part of our marketing strategy.


For us, sustainability is the guideline of entrepreneurial thinking. It is rooted deeply in our company’s DNA, so we only spend and use that much, as we can replace. No matter which resources are concerned.  


Maybe it’s the proverbial swabian thrift which drives us to the careful use of our materials and raw materials. Maybe it’s the respect of nature that reminds us to don’t take more than absolutely needed. Maybe it’s the normal human thinking that tells us that we should damage as less as possible with working from nature and human.

For disana, it’s the innermost part of each article, that its origin, its production and its use doesn’t cause irreparable damages.


Precisely because sustainable acting is self-evident for us, it’s difficult to tell it point by point. 

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