Your disana article is damaged and you would like to have it fixed or send it back?

In this case, the main contact is always the retailer from whom you bought the article. According to law, he’s your trade partner and all questions from this contractual relationship should be clarified between these both parties.

That is also valid for online purchases. It is not disana where you bought the article on Amazon. There it was also one of our retailers.

After the complaint or repair request has arrived at the retailer, he usually gets in contact with us and we will discuss if it makes sense to repair it in our own sewing department, to repair it on-site or to replace it and send a new article.

Please note: If the retailer instructs you to send us the article, please pay the postage costs. Carriage forward will not be accepted! Of course we will compensate the postage costs in case of a valid complaint.

Also Important: We need your address to send the repaired or replaced articles back to you!

Would you like to have a disana article repaired or are you looking for suitable spare parts?

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