disana children's shoe made out of:  100% organic wool-felt  &  organic leather  & natural rubber

100% nature | 100% recycling

we are particularly proud of the disana wool-felt project....


How to make a good children’s shoe?

Soon it became clear, that we need a partner for this project. A partner, with not only excellent knowledge and technology for the manufacturing of shoes. This partner was supposed to share our passion for natural textiles and live our philosophy of a sustainable production.

We found this partner with company Werner 1911 from Pirmasens, Germany. The company Werner produces shoes for more than 100 years and brings along a lot of know-how for our project.

Florian Werner and his team are well-known producers of sustainable shoes out of pure natural materials.
When people talk about good craftmanship, fresh designs and the use of certified natural leather is in demand, the name Werner is mentioned.

Not only the manufacturing of shoes is important to Florian Werner. He starts at the beginning of the supply chain as we do. The animal welfare, a vegetable tanning and dyeing of the leather. Everything makes sense and it comes out an astonishing natural material – a fine organic natural leather, which is the ideal complement to disana’s recycled wool-felt.

The shoes are manufactured at Werner’s workshops in Romania and Slovakia. They are proudly sold by disana with the label “disana & werner 1911”.







The upper material consists of 100% organic wool-felt. The 2mm strong felt is breathable and ensures a firm grip and always warm feet.


Lining and applications are out of 100% chromium-fee, vegetably tanned leather. The skins come from controlled biologically animal husbandry. The whole manufacturing meets the requirements for the quality sign “IVN natural leather”.


The cover sole is covered by natural leather. A lining out of coconut fibre provides more comfort with walking.


The shoe’s outsole is made out of 100% natural rubber. Its flexibility makes the unrolling of the foot easier. Nevertheless, it offers enough protection and grip. The sole is pulled up at the front for an additional protection of foot and material.


You can easily clean the shoe with letting it dry and then brush it with a soft clothes brush.


Our felt shoes are not water-resistant because they are made without plastic membranes.


Offered in stores and online from Autumn | Winter 22|23

The new children's shoes are available in 4 colours, as laced boot or velcro boot.


23 - 28 (6 - 10)

RRP 96 €

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