We are proud of the colours which we chose for disana‘s wool collection. And that’s why we want them to join us also in the Autumn | Winter 22|23 season.  

We at disana are thinking of pictures and moods when working with colours. We love the possibility to create a whole new picture or change a mood by only replacing one colour. Seeing children who feel comfortable in our clothes makes it even more perfect.
Children’s clothes should be simple and sustainably beautiful.

The soft wool fabrics from disana contribute to the children’s well-being. Finest Merino-wool shows its surprising features in them.
Our Merino-wool is not available endlessly. Due to that fact, we broke new ground with the development of our new Autumn | Winter 22|23 collection. It’s the first time that styles made out of recycled organic Merino-wool complement our programme as Velcro- and Laced boots. Of course, also in the colours of our disana collection.

Have fun exploring the coming Autumn | Winter!




The shoes are manufactured at Werner’s workshops in Romania and Slovakia. They are proudly sold by disana with the label “disana & werner 1911”.




Natural material, clear lines and a sense for special colours.
For a long time, we’ve been impressed with the Scandinavian style and welcomed it into our everyday life.
disana is making use of this simple and yet noble design in the “Nordic” colour world and
implements its characteristics with a timeless and clear cut, as well as highlighting the beautiful colours.

Baby krabbelnd mit disana Strickhandschuhe in Farbe Grau-Natur


Our kids’ fashion is designed for life in nature. With child-oriented cuts we want to support our little customers’ urge to move.
Created for joyful playing and romping outside in the meadows, at the park or in the forest.

We used mother nature’s colours for the “nature” range and brought together a pleasant harmony.


The large courtyard behind the house, the thrilling playground at the park around the corner or even the entire neighbourhood.
There are so many things to discover in the city. This is what our disana clothing is made for.
Our “Urban” colour world highlights life in the big city by using a special colour mix, which makes it joyful and luminous.


Kind sitzend mit disana Melange-Jacke in Oliv-Anthrazit
Kinder spielend mit disana Melange-Jacke in Oliv-Anthrazit
Kind spielend mit disana Melange-Pullover in Farbe Oliv-Anthrazit
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