Wool and summer. Is this possible?

We’re convinced that our favourite fibre merino wool can be worn in the warm season too.
Wool can balance warm and cold temperatures very well. It’s hardly absorbing dirt and odours and feels perfectly soft on the skin.
This makes merino wool the ideal fibre for our Spring | Summer collection for children.

By using a very light boiled-wool - weighting only 260 g/m² - we make this special material wearable in the warm season too.
A lot of development work was necessary to carry over the special disana quality of our popular boiled-wool to the summer equivalent.

A single-thread, very light knitted fabric for the long and short sleeve jumper is complementing our Spring | Summer programme very well.
The left knit makes it unmistakably a disana article.

A day at the sea. Spiekeroog, the long sandy beach.
Where salt water meets fine sand.
Play with the waves for hours.
With your siblings, with your new friends on holidays.

Your shirt is soaking wet for a long time.
Your lips are blue from the cold.
Pulled something on quickly, simply slipped over.
Soft boiled wool covers you.

It continues.
Cuddling Mummy in the dunes, warming up.
A hot cup of cocoa at home.

„A dress is a good dress, when you can climb a fence”
says Grandma.
“Watch out not to destroy it”, says Mummy.
“My favourite dress”, you say.

One of the first warm days in Spring.
Playing outside with siblings, trying out the new bike.
The winter jumper is inside the house.
It’s too warm for playing and having fun outside in the courtyard.

Mummy shouts:
“Pull on a jacket at least, you’re going to get a cold”.

Quickly pulling up the zipper without taking of the bicycle helmet.
The story continues.

Put a plaster on the knee in the evening, the new trousers have got a hole.

The first summer of your life. The first really warm days.
Outside in the grass on a soft blanket.
Branches and leaves are moving gently in the warm wind.
Clouds pass slowly over the sky like sheep.
You want to catch them.
Your moves are still clumsy, only lying on your back.
You’re kicking your feet with happiness.
Covered with a soft, elastic knit which joins each of your moves.

Back on Daddy’s arm. Safe.

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