disana woollen baby blanket

Article-no. 5111

col. 111 natur

col. 121 grey

col. 219 lagoon

col. 222 blue

col. 315 rose

col. 398 bordeaux

col. 447 curry

80x100 cm

No other item provides a greater feeling of warmth and safety than our pure Merino wool baby blanket. Of all our products, it is in this beautiful knitted masterpiece that pure, natural wool with all its great properties really comes to the fore. It is as light as a feather yet forms a protective barrier around your child. It is cuddly and warm, yet also balances out the temperature. It is soft and fluffy and stands up to fun and games. Anyone who has ever stroked our disana knitted woollen baby blanket will share our enthusiasm for organic textiles. The fine openwork pattern can only be knitted using a small number of mechanical devices on our production line. This delightful look is set off by an elaborate scallop stitch along the border of the blanket.

Out of 100% wool.

Merino wool from organic farming.

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