disana Baseball Cap Kim

article number 3672


121 grey

Size 2

Head size 47 cm


Size 3

Head size 52 cm


Size 4

Head size 57 cm



What’s happening with all those cut remains that gather during the production of our disana articles? We make cloth out them again – to be more precise, our disana recycled felt. In a complex procedure the cut remains are turned into felt material. We produce the disana baseball cap out of it. Or rather, we let it manufacture for us. The company Indicap from Wangen in the Allgaeu region are our partner for turning the felt material into stunning caps. A young enterprise working with the old- fashioned hat-making art. Two styles were created during our cooperation, and we’re happy to welcome them to our programme.

We’re very proud of our baseball caps. It took years of development work, to create something completely new out of a material that’s precious but not usable anymore. We look forward to many more ideas for our recycled felt project.

Size Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
RRP 21 46,00 € 46,00 € 50,00 €

Measurement chart

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