A family business

Yes, we enjoy working with natural textiles. And every day we look forward to working with wonderful organic materials.


We are the siblings Aiga and Elmar Sautter. Together we manage the fortunes of disana and are responsible for over 100 people with whom we are privileged to work.


We took over the company a few years ago from our parents, Dieter and Imma Sautter. Our brand name is made up of their initials and the word "Naturtextil": disana.


Like so many company stories, ours began in the garage of our parents' home. There our parents made the first disana children's textiles on mechanical knitting machines and with the help of some ladies from the neighbourhood. Especially our disana knitted nappy set. We both also spent our first years of life in this nappy. Over time, the range grew and with it the need for space. Again and again we had to expand and move. Today we are represented at two locations. Both are in the municipality of Lichtenstein, a little south of Stuttgart, in the Swabian Alb. Only a stone's throw from our parents' garage is our administration and our disana shop. In the neighbouring village, our production is located on an old spinning mill site. We enjoy the freedom that having our own company gives us. At the same time, however, it is also a great obligation for us.




We are responsible for over 100 employees in our own company and with our partners in the region. And as you would expect from a Swabian family business, it is not just the company, but we are all one big family.


As an organic company from the very beginning, we are at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Whether it's the welfare of the sheep for our wool, the conformity of the dyes we use to the guidelines or the solar power for our electric cars. Every day we try to become a little bit better, meaning more sustainable and more mindful.





Last but not least, we also bear responsibility for the satisfaction of our customers worldwide. We want to win them over with a great product, good service and transparent production. And to inspire them with the great qualities of natural textiles.  Because it is fun for us to work with them.

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