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„on stock“,“on stock” means that these articles are available
throughout the whole year.

Wonderfully soft sleeping bags, cosy blankets,
colourful woollen overpants and much more.
Discover our range of everything to do with nappy
changing, sleeping and care.

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WOOL – no other fibre provides more positive effects on
our body than wool.

Wool warms up, cools down, calms down, heals and
stimulates. That’s why wool is used in many of our
disana articles.
Wool unfolds its warming, healing and calming effect in
our baby blankets and sleeping bags for a good sleep.
In our woollen overpants, wool absorbs moisture from
the nappy inside the fibre and dispenses it as water vapour.
Therefore, the woollen overpants keeps the nappy system
dry without feeling itself wet.
All articles have the use of especially fine wool from
Merino sheep in common.

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