Made in Germany


The excellent German craftsmanship is worldwide renowned. We want to fulfill this reputation with our production in Germany and the high manual quality of our products.

It starts with the finished yarn or fabric, the manufacturing of all disana articles in our own facilities. Knitting, sewing, quality control and dispatch. Everything under a single roof. Supported by partner companies in our neighborhood, with whom we work together for many years.

In this way, we can exactly control and observe the many little production steps which our articles have to pass.  This is very important with natural fibers, because no part is like any other. Therefore, we can achieve the high quality of our products every single day.

Thereby we trust the long-time experience of our employees. Here in the textile region on the Swabian Alb, in the south of Germany, there are still knitters, tailors and seamstresses, who manufacture our disana articles with professional know-how and excellent skills. The preservation and creation of new jobs are very important for us and oblige us to great caution with entrepreneurial decisions.  

Not only with our own production but also with our suppliers we place great value on short distances and qualitative work. Many of our suppliers accompany us already for many years now, some of them even since the first days of disana. They know our high demands on quality and supply capability. This built a close and trusting relationship. We regard our suppliers as partners and that’s why we treat them fairly. A high quality of our raw materials and trusting relationships are the most important things for us. More important than the cheapest price and maybe a short-term advantage
at the cost of the supplier.

It’s no coincidence that our suppliers are also located in Germany and produce their goods here or at least in Europe.

The certain something


That certain something Our employees are the most important factor for producing our disana textiles beside the chosen organic raw materials. Only their knowledge, their skills and their craftsmanship make a disana product that is fit for a king out of a thin yarn or a piece of fabric..

Modern working stations, which are bright, friendly and ergonomic are not the only things our employees like in our new facility. Disana offers a lot of extras for their workers.

All employees that come to work with public transportation get their costs back. Everybody who rides a bike on its way to work, receive per year one free inspectional service for their bike. Workers who drive together in one car also get some support to minimize traffic and the demand of parking places.

Health is not only important for our textiles. Disana offers two times a week fresh fruits from an organic store and soft drinks. Those who want can join our TaiChi – group and the neighboring physiotherapist help us to avoid tensions with showing us correct poses. Additionally disana will create a “playground” as the Californian companies have it with a beach volleyball field and a slag- line for more diversion.

Exactly those certain somethings that shall don’t let miss out the fun at work.

Our new production


With our production in Germany, disana especially stands for high ecologic and social standards. But what to do, if the own facility becomes too small? Already for two years now we think about how to increase our company.

This year, mid of May, it was finished! The whole disana production – our knitting dept., our cutting dept., the sewing dept., quality control and the packing dept. – moved into new facilities.

Only 5km far away from the old facility, we could rent a production hall from an old spinning facility. We equipped it to our ideas and after many weeks with cleaning, renovating and constructing, our employees and machines could move into their new home.

What a huge step for our small company! We moved from 800 qm² surface to 3.000m². Still today we’re looking at each other and can’t believe how much space we have now. Every knitting machine is now accessible from each side and can be faster equipped with yarn. Every sewing machine was fixed into a big table, which offers much space for working and piling the goods. There are open spaces for parking the products, bring them from one place to another and we have a big warehouse for our raw materials and finished products.

For us, this is a new way of work and this will impact on our products and their quality, because the things which are produced with fun at work become twice as nice and good.

Enjoy the following survey through our new production.

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