How everything started...

With the release of our new disana catalogue, we are also celebrating our company’s 30th anniversary – an achievement we are very proud of.

But at what point in time is a company actually founded? It is really the quite charmless administrative act of registering the business with the local authorities, which was accomplished within a few minutes, sealed and signed for a fee of 10 Deutsche Mark at that time?
Doesn’t disana’s hour of birth go back further?

Maybe back to the time when two young people first purchased their own knitting machine in the mid-1960s, set up in the cellar of a parental home? To their vision of starting their own little knitting business, laying the financial foundation for their own family?

Or does the founding of disana go back to the first knitted cotton nappy? This almost legendary product first became the mainstay of the disana nappy system, and then of the whole disana product range. In the early 1970s the knitted nappy may have actually been the first truly eco-friendly textile.

Our trade fair appearance at Pro Sanita, one of the first trade fairs for natural products, would also suit disana well as a founding date. The first tentative public steps, presenting our own brand to a large audience, and standing on our own two feet for the very first time. Without a safety net.

The founders of disana, Imma and Dietrich Sautter, don’t agree on when the company was actually brought to life, either. To each of them, a different event was decisive for the company’s history, which has sparked a range of discussions about when disana’s actual anniversary should be celebrated.

At last, with the registration in the town hall of our home town, we are happy to have found a date to evidence the founding of our company in black and white.
A simple administrative act on a cloudy January morning, exactly 30 years ago.

However, independent of the actual date of disana’s founding, we have always had lots of fun and pleasure working with pure, natural fibres.
This enthusiasm and the joy of dealing with natural textiles have been central to our work for more than 30 years. We simply enjoy seeing how this wonderful textile is created from beautiful material which was once developed from a thin piece of thread. To feel and to grasp it in the true sense of the word is always a great moment in our everyday work.

We are happy to share with our customers this joy of beautiful natural textiles and moments of happiness when touching, seeing and feeling them.

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