Even though it’s almost a routine after all these years. Still, we feel a little proud when - after many exams and tests, completing incomprehensible forms, undergoing inspections lasting for days (including the check-up of every single fire extinguisher)– we finally receive the IVN BEST and GOTS certificate.

There is a lot of work behind those certificates. Our work and the work of our suppliers, our partners and of course of our independent inspectors, who check our company.

Does this certificate make a natural textiles better?

We think YES. Even though the variety of “organic labels” has become confusing and each standard proclaims to be the only right concept. IVN BEST and GOTS are two of very few Textiles-standards, that examine the entire production chain and evaluates according to strict criteria. Thereby a major focus (along with ecology and sustainability) is set on the social circumstances under which natural textiles are produced.

Because of the fact that we produce in Germany, social criteria isn’t a big topic for us. Without steady work hours, a fair pay, enough holidays and a proper workplace you wouldn’t be able to find employees at a location in Germany, who are willing to knit, mill, cut and sew our disana products.

Because of the participation in the certification according to IVN BEST and GOTS we are able to secure those social criteria for our suppliers and for their suppliers. Reaching even to the farmers as the IVN BEST and GOTS’s requirements are the same all over the world. A safe work environment, an income that covers the basic costs of living and fair conditions for employees and businesses.

The attached certificates guarantee that all members along the production chain observe those requirements and conditions.

Even though this doesn’t mean that the individual disana article will feel softer, become more cold-resistant or make the buttonholes last even longer. We hope that by certifying according to IVN BEST and GOTS standards we improved the world of textiles a little more again this year. It’s worth the hard work that comes with the certification.

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