Does a certificate make a natural textiles better? We think so!

Organic labels are almost unmanageable and each standard wants to be the only proper way. The IVN BEST and the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) are a few textile standards, which examine the whole production chain and which are focused on strict criteria. Social conditions are important beside ecology and sustainability.

Social criteria are a big topic for us as a producer. Based in Germany, we provide regulated working hours, a fair wage, enough holidays and organised workplaces. Without these criteria, we wouldn’t be able to find employees who knit, sew, cut and boil our disana articles.

With participating in the certification of IVN BEST and GOTS, we have the possibility to safe these social criteria for our suppliers, their suppliers and even for the farmers. The requirements of IVN BEST and GOTS are worldwide the same. A safe workplace, living wages and fair conditions for employees and companies.

The newest certificates guarantee that all members along the production chain comply with these requirements and conditions.

Even when a disana article doesn’t feel softer or warmer because of this. We’re convinced, that we make the textile world a little bit better with our certification according to the IVN BEST and GOTS guidelines. It’s a lot of work to receive this certificate – but it’s worth it.

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