disana’s wool-felt is a 100% natural product made of finest organic Merino wool.

Made of fabric remnants, which arise by manufacturing our disana clothes. Remnants which are too small, to sew something new out of them. Pure organic Merino wool is the softest raw material for felt, without any addition of unprocessed wool fibres. 

We’re producing our disana wool-felt out of these remnants with our unique recycling project. They are sorted by colours when we let them shred into a fine wool fleece. With the process of felting, the fibre flocks will be combed again, mixed and laid down as thin fleece mats. Afterwards, these mats will be pressed as a firm bond with hot steam. It lasts several days until finally a solid felt is the result.

Each part of the felt consists of remnants from a jacket, a jumper or knitted trousers. Thanks to the pure Merino wool, it’s soft and smooth but also resilient. Created for many wonderful things.




The south of Patagonia in South America - that’s the home of our sheep that help us to make our woollen disana articles.

The ideal living conditions in the high plains of the Andes are perfect for Merino sheep. They are characterised by their especially soft and fluffy fur. The sheep are held according the rules of controlled biologically animal husbandry, which means among other things, that the animals live without preventative medication and that they are held and shorn species-appropriate. We know the origin of our wool. Thereby we can ensure animal welfare on the one hand and a good quality on the other.

The shorn and washed wool is shipped to Europe for spinning.



disana is the worldwide leading company of manufacturing pure Merino wool.

We’re producing kids’ clothes and other textiles for our brand disana out of this precious raw material.


The “Made in Germany” is an important pillar of our work besides the eco-social responsibility.  More precisely, it’s the production in our company. All necessary work steps, beginning with the finished yarn, are made in our own premises south of Stuttgart. Local partners support us.


The production of our partner for felting is also in Germany.


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