You want to send us a complaint or want your disana article to be repaired?

First, these are the main points:

  • Please check if it is a real complaint or if the customer is obliged to pay the repair.
  • We better repair than replace the article.
  • Please talk to us before returning an article to us.
  • Something like “bad wool” doesn’t exist and no woollen article shrank by itself.

We as the manufacturer are often liable for a complaint. It is a complaint, when the article is already defected with the purchase – even if it’s discovered later.

The customer is obliged to pay a repair. That’s in case of damages which are cause through wear and tear.

In case of a complaint, you as a retailer are obliged to act by law. A repair is a mere service, to which there’s no claim.

Sometimes it’s not easy to differentiate if it’s a case of complaint or repair.

That’s why we’ve created a small advisor which is supposed to help you with this decision:


We’re not perfect and although greatest care we have article which are delivered with little defects every now and then. We are very sorry, but there’s no way to avoid that.

But we’re convinced that also articles with loose buttons, open sutures or and other defects have a value. Also, these articles are made out of raw materials and work and their production needed energy and caused emissions. Therefore, we will do everything possible to repair a defected article. If it’s seems to be appropriate due to ecological and economical reasons, we will take the article back and solve the problem with usually only a few pinpricks.

Please explain this to your customers. Even if this is more complex than to replace the article. Furthermore, we can’t use a returned and worn article anymore. If it’s replaced by a new one, this article is useless for everybody and we have to throw it away.

It’s important to clarify a complaint with us before returning it. You can advise a complaint by e-mail and if you want add some significant pictures. We can estimate the damage like that. Think of noting your address on the complaint!

We will refuse complaints caused through mistakes at care and bearing damages. Both is beyond our area of responsibility and we can’t assume any liability. 

Even with doing the laundry „exactly according to instructions” there is no defect with material or production method when the article became felted or shrank. There must have been made a mistake with the washing! Often, we can’t understand the mistake afterwards. But for certain, the wool is not the reason.

It’s the same with bearing damages like for example moth holes which appear mostly after the first washing. Clothes moth don’t come from bad hygiene in a household. With woollen articles you always face the danger of moths. Mother nature is responsible for that.


Of course, we will help you with a defect which isn’t caused through material or production too. Many traces of usage can be fixed with original parts to make the article nice and useful again.

Therefore we offer a repair and spare parts service in our shop for private customers from Germany and Austria.

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