You want to become a disana retailer and sell our articles in your store or online?


Great! We will help you along this way!


Please note

The number of retailers who want to become a disana customer often succeed our capacities. That’s why we limit the number of new customers to avoid supply bottlenecks.



We only sell our goods to commercial retailers. Therefore, we need a copy of your trading license.

A valid VAT-no. is mandatory for potential retailers from foreign countries.

Not all of our programs are available the whole year through. Apparel clothes must be ordered already in Spring as a preorder. An apparel order during the season is not possible, even not as a new customer.



How it works

Step 1)

Send us your request. We’re happy about a short description of your business, how long you are having the business and what’s special about your idea. It’s very important to know in which country you are living and where exactly you would like to sell our products.

Step 2)

We will proof your request and check if there’s another disana retailer in your neighborhood to be sure that nothing argues against a collaboration. An umpteenth shop in progress has rather poor changes to become our customer.

Step 3)

You will receive our offer with necessary information for retailers if everything’s fine. Within Europe you can also get a printed catalogue. Oversea countries will receive a simple Dropbox link with all details.

Important: Please fill in the attached new customer questionnaire and complete it with invoice- and delivery address, payment methods, …

Legal note: It is no firm commitment for a business collaboration with just mailing our offer. It’s a business collaboration when confirming your order!

Step 4)

Send back the filled in new customer questionnaire. With all these details we can create a customer account at disana. Then you will receive the login dates for our retailer area on the website and your disana customer number – which you will need to order online as a retailer.

Step 5)

Congratulations! You’re a disana customer now!


Your order

If we have received your order, we will enter it in our systems and the dispatch will be prepared.


Orders from our stock program below 500 Euros within Germany will be delivered immediately within 1-2 days without getting an order confirmation before. An order confirmation will be sent automatically when you order our items online.


Orders from foreign countries, orders that succeed 500 Euros or apparel orders will be confirmed by us! Delivery times will be noted on the order confirmation.


Attention! Order confirmations are no invoices! For example, they don’t include shipping cost. Don’t use them for payments please!



Orders from Germany will be paid by invoice after receipt of the goods. We reserve the right to request a payment in advance. Payment is made through bank transfer.


Orders from foreign countries will be paid in advance. You will receive a proforma invoice by e-mail. This includes all costs, also shipping costs. There’s the possibility to pay by bank transfer or with credit card. We will ship your goods as soon as we have received your payment.


Preorders with apparel clothes, which must be made in Spring, are due in Autumn. You will pay them with dispatch.


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