The wool that is shorn from each of our merino sheep in the spring weighs around 3 to 3.5 kilograms. After washing, combing, spinning and many other work steps, only 1.7 kilograms of yarn remain.
Finest wool yarn, as we use it every day for our disana knitted and boiled wool articles.


1.7 kilograms that’s the weight of our double-face blanket, which we would like to present to you with our new disana "Living" programme. The wool of an entire animal, the work of a whole year is combined in this blanket.






Yet our double-face blanket appears amazingly light, is magnificently soft and wonderfully warm.
The fine wool fibres caress our skin and have a calming and stimulating effect at the same time.
All other blankets in our home textiles range are also made from this wonderful fibre and ensure a warm and cosy home.




The felt items in our “Living” range convey warmth and comfort.
Whether as a practical helper, stylish decoration or loyal support in daily work. Our felt bags and mats, pads and covers are practical everyday companions that inspire with their warmth and naturalness.

We make the felt for our “Living” items from the leftovers we collect during the production of our disana clothing. These leftovers are too small to sew anything out of them. But far too valuable to simply throw away. Because they are made of pure organic merino wool and they also contain the work of nature for a whole year.



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